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How To Supercharge Your Personal Attraction



You see someone on the street that turns your head and you give them a second look… why? There are a lot of forces at play about which people our brains find attractive, and it’s not always because of mainstream beauty.

Attraction can work in many ways: it can be from a glance (love at first sight, as some call it) or it can develop with an unlikely person over the course of time.

Whether or not you end up with your definition of an ideal partner though, largely depends on you.  Below, are 5 ways t0 supercharge your personal Attraction



Never stop learning and you’ll always become the centre of attraction when you speak. A good percentage of people admit to being sapiosexual.  Sapiosexuality means that a person is sexually attracted to highly intelligent people, so much so that they consider it to be the most important trait in a partner. I guess the crux or basis for the attraction is the fact that intelligent people are more likely to be successful in work and inadvertently, in life. You want to attract people? Read wide, read often and don’t forget to seize opportunities to share your new found knowledge with the world. Who knows? Your soulmate might be sitting in the audience.



In the book, Never Eat alone by Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz, the authors speak about the fastest way to build loyalty with people. They surmise that, if you’re ever going to really be able to  build a loyal following of people, you must learn to offer help to them.  Think back to the time when you offered to help a friend or even a stranger in dire need.  Also, think about how loyal to you they became over time. People are attracted to people who freely offer help, value and assistance. Better yet, think about your favourite YouTube creator and ask yourself why you’re so loyal to their channel? Did they offer you something of value? Did they evoke an emotional response from you with something they said or did? Like all the examples outlined in this pointer. You keep coming back to people who offer help. When you offer to help people, you increase your personal attraction exponentially. 



Confidence is everything in the world today. It can be the difference between scoring a life partner, getting that pay raise or starting your future million dollar business. Ever remember the time when you didn’t feel confident about something? Do you also remember how your anxiety was high simply because you nurtured doubt in your heart that your desired outcome could materialize? How do you go about building your confidence? Find a role model.   You can still learn priceless lessons from them, by observing their behaviour and how they tackle life’s challenges and by simply being curious enough to improve. Learn to speak. Practice often, in a non intimidating environment, speak to yourself in a mirror, speak to yourself in your private space, then graduate to speaking in front of your friends, in no time you’ll master it. I’ll also say  get involved and find other people who are as enthusiastic as you. Become an active member of these speaking clubs with a sole aim of leading the club one day. Just do it. Keep practicing and in time you’ll become the reference point. 

To view the last two pointers head over to this YouTube video below:




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