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How to deal with a girl who ghosts you


Ghosting is the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication. One of the things that brought about ghosting and made it really popular, is online communication and instant messaging. You could begin a conversation with a perfect stranger today, and 5 minutes down the line, if you’re unhappy with the trajectory of the conversation, you just stop chatting with them and disappear. Today, people cannot dissociate themselves from that very rude online behavior and it’s translating into our real life and really hurting people.

Ghosting is simply disrespectful but if you don’t apply tact in this situation, you’ll be the only one with a broken heart and shattered dreams.

Don’t do this

Some people think that constantly bombarding someone who’s obviously ghosted you with messages and questions, is the way to go. I however beg to differ because, i think it does really little for you if at all. Imagine all the rejection you’re just going to feel every single time you hit a brick wall. Think of how that will affect your ego and your self-esteem.  Your behaviour suddenly makes this person so much more superior than you are because your attention gives them that power and sense of importance that is so undeserved. My take is, if someone decides to leave your life in such a hurtful, haphazard manner, the last thing you want to reward them with is attention.

Respect yourself, put premium on who you are, place value on your person, people will only begin to value you when you value yourself.  People will begin to respect you, when you respect yourself, and that’s something you should always keep in mind.

To hear the rest of my pointers, watch the video below.



  • Tom Scotland

    Thanks for helping me come to terms with the hurt from loving someone, being in love, losing in love, long way to go, mixed emotions…very hard to know how to move forward..getting there
    Grateful for all in my life, and know life continues…

  • Sam

    Respecting yourself is key. How you carry yourself is how people will treat you.

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