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How Women Feel When They Are Truly In love

When it comes to relationships, there is nothing more magical than falling in love.  The moment you pass from a state of wanting to be mere friends with someone and strongly desiring to love them in a
romantic way, is when you fall in love.
Women exhibit a variety of signals when they are in love.
Here are some signals expressed by women when they are truly in love:

1. Emotional instability.

Have you ever been so in love with someone that, you just simply cannot
hold yourself back and cannot think straight? When women are in love it’s hard for
them to focus on anything else but this guy who’s in their life. It is like they find themselves
during different parts of the day, just reminiscing and musing about this personality or this guy
who has just swept them off their feet. She bounces between feelings of acceleration, euphoria,
increased energy, loss of appetite, trembling body, racing heart and accelerated breathing.

On the other hand she experiences feelings of anxiety, despair and heartbreak when the relationship isn’t
proceeding as it should. There is something about meeting people and
falling in love with them that brings the butterflies to your stomach that makes the world fade
away and makes them the only person that you see in a crowded room. When women are really into
someone, It’s hard for anyone to badmouth a guy she’s in love with. Few women have major control over their emotions,
when they’re in love. So when they are, you can tell. It’s pretty obvious in the way they do
things, in the way they speak to you, in the way they talk about you to their friends etc.

2. Possessive feelings

There are women who feel or experience very strong sexual feelings
towards the guys that they are in love with .Usually; this is accompanied by feelings of not
wanting to share him with anyone, wanting him for herself always. And she’ll have no problem
whatsoever voicing out her true feelings about her man’s unavailability, if he begins to pull away
or she starts to feel a little distance. Typically, when a woman is in love, she is
possessive about you; she tries to own your time, which is one of the most important resources you could ever give her,

to trying to keep everybody else away from you. She will fight off every other woman who attempts to be with
her man. And this is evident in a lot of these cat fights that break out between women. This
happens a lot because she feels the need to defend her territory and she feels like this other
woman has or is trying to get her claws on her man and she needs to protect what is hers. When

a woman is in love she’s possessive. When a woman falls in love with you, she inevitably starts
imagining what a life with you would be like. She actually, almost unconsciously, starts working
towards that. And so, you’d realize that she’ll start to try and take control of maybe how you
keep your house, how you arrange things in your bedroom, it’s just a nurturing thing that a lot
of women do. And that’s their way of really letting you into their space and letting you into their
lives. I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing, unless of course the man involved here, is not
someone who wants to take the woman to the altar.


3. Feeling out of control

It’s so intense that
she cannot help herself. At this stage, sexual intimacy is high and frequent, barring any religious
or moral beliefs. When she loves you, she will work to establish the highest level of intimacy
possible with you. She will go above and beyond to make you happy. When she’s in love with
you and the love is fresh, you don’t have to ask too much to get some. Even when you’re out in
public, she sends these non-verbal cues; holding your hand, locking arms with you, giving you a
peck on the cheek when you least expect it etc. In a
way, she is showing affection and in another way, she’s telling other women that listen, this is
my man back off .Don’t even try it. He is mine I have him, end of story. If she does things like
these, it’s usually an indication that, she’s madly in love with you and you shouldn’t take it for
granted, especially if you really like her back.


4. Emotional dependency

When it comes to relationships, the intense desire to belong to
someone is real and it’s apparent. She will not hold back in letting you know that she belongs to
you, wants to be with you, wants to do this with you and for the long-haul as well. If she is really
ready to let you in, it means that she really is in love with you and what you represent. The
other side of it is that, she will also expect the same level of dependency from you, so if you get
to a point where you are not forth coming or she doesn’t feel like you’re matching her up, with
all the love and then affection that she’s showing you, she will begin to wonder if she’s in the
right place. Unless of course that, you both agree that you’re going to be in an open relationship
where you can see other people. But if the relationship is exclusive, then by all means, she will
demand the same level of commitment from you as well and would expect you to be as
dependent as she is.

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