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The first things that women notice about guys

Have you ever wondered what women really notice when they first set eyes on you?

Perhaps, if you know these things, you will be more deliberate with your appearance, and how you carry yourself, increasing your chances of appearing more attractive to women. This Article highlights the very first things women notice about guys. Keep reading.

1. Your appearance

She wants to know how put together your appearance is. If you’re looking to make any kind of good impression, it is imperative that you look the part.

You can’t walk into a job interview, for instance, wearing flip-flops or sandals, a pair of shorts maybe and a dirty Shirt. No one is going to take you seriously, and no one is going to give you that job, unless, It’s a job that allows you to dress down and look scruffy.

People are constantly judging others by the way they look, without even talking to them. I’m sure you have heard the saying, “dress how you would like to be addressed.”

If you want people to take you seriously, put a bit more effort into the way you look and appear physically. Remember, you don’t have to be physically attractive to look good.

Sometimes, just the way you wear your clothes, put on your cologne, counts. Yes, by all means, if you’re a handsome guy, it’s a plus, but largely girls would take you seriously, only if you look good to them.

 2. How well-versed is he?

So women tend to like guys who can hold conversations. A man’s way of speaking, as well as, his manners, can tell a lot about who he is.

There’ve been too many times, when women have narrated stories about guys they met. They  talk about how they  were crushing on him from afar only to lose interest when he drew closer.

Why? Because he communicated very poorly in the language that he spoke to her – bad tenses, bad grammar – it’s a real big turn off, especially if you meet a lady who is really fluent in the language that she speaks.

So if you cannot be fluent in a language, it can be a big turn-off for a lot of women, and you will not get past “hello.”

Speaking of which, I have a video on why many men don’t get past hello. Check it out on my YouTube channel if you haven’t seen it already.

Want to know more about the first things that women notice about men? Watch the video below:



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