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Things women do when they genuinely love you

So many a time, you can only second-guess your partner. It is hard to really tell if someone loves you for real.

They can say they love you, but is it for real? Are they actually telling the truth?

In this article, I will show you some things that women do when they genuinely love you to enable you, to enable you to at least decipher between someone who is just there for ulterior motives, as opposed to someone who is really there for the relationship and would like to see it grow.

This is the ultimate litmus test.

1. She tries to be seen by your friends and family

There is nothing like dating a person who is always dodgy, would not want to come home to meet your friends, wants to keep the relationship a secret. That should be like the biggest red flag for you.

There was one occasion where I felt quite disrespected when a man asked me to be his secret friend. I said to him that I’m nobody’s secret and if he couldn’t “display me” in public, then there was nothing I wanted to do with him, and he took offence. I later found out that he was married, and this was definitely not a guy that I was interested in being with, in that kind of way.

When someone genuinely loves you, they open up to you, they open up their circles to you. You get to meet their friends, their family and all the important people that matter in their life.

And so if you’re with someone who cannot do that, I’m telling you, it’s a red flag, and you need to stay away from this person. If a woman genuinely loves you, she lets you into her inner circle.

2. She is ready for many sacrifices to ensure your happiness

Love is all about compromise, and so when you meet someone who’s not willing to play their part, bend over backwards when it comes to certain things, this person may not be as genuine as they want you to be. Yes, they’re going to end up being someone who’s really difficult to be with, live with because things are going to always have to go their way, and in this case her way to keep the relationship going.

So if you meet someone willing to compromise, someone who’s not willing to bend over backwards and accommodate you, and do more to make and see you happy, then I’m sorry, but this lady may not be for you.

When a woman genuinely loves you, she’s ready to make many sacrifices for the relationship to work. Of course, there are deal breakers for everybody, there are things that people would like to compromise on, and yet there are many others that they wouldn’t. However, I’m not even talking about that.

For instance, if you’re into some kinky stuff that she doesn’t enjoy, she has every right to tell you that she will not do it, She will never do it and so you will have to come up with some kind of compromise. However, apart from those things that are part of someone’s values that you may find a bit difficult to change, most things should be up for debate, up for a conversation and both of you can agree on what you should and should not do where your relationship is concerned.

If she genuinely loves you, she will consciously make sacrifices for your happiness.

If you want to know more about this, watch the video on YouTube below:


After you have figured that the woman really loves you, it is time to know if it is the right time to tell her, “I love you“.

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