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Top three mixed signals women give that every man should know about

A mixed signal is a miscommunication, or an excuse to keep someone at an arm’s length. A mixed signal is essentially a negative signal dressed up as a positive signal, and it’s commonly used to slow down the pace of a relationship.

Women use a variety of mixed signals, which can be difficult for men to identify and deal with. The truth is that a woman who truly likes you will come clean and express her feelings for you so that the relationship can develop.

Here are some of these mixed signals that women use to keep you away:

1. You never get the call or text back when you expect it

A woman who does not return your call or does not read your messages right away may be preoccupied with something else. If it is not a busy job or a demanding school schedule, it is a clear indication that you are not a priority.

A woman will use this as a mixed signal if she has someone else in her life, or she doesn’t find you interesting enough.

Sometimes she will not respond to your follow-up after the first date, which is a clear indication that she is not interested in you.

2. She is too busy to make plans

Some women will tell you how much they can’t wait to see you, but then make excuses when the time comes.

Everyone nowadays has a hectic schedule, but we all do our best to make time for the things and people that are important to us.

This woman will not make time for you, and may be using the excuses as a polite way to avoid making you feel awkward.

It is not advisable to pursue a relationship with such a woman further. You’ll have to do a lot more just to engage them in a one-sided relationship.

3. They like your social media posts, but ignore your personal messages

There is the type of woman who is always among the first ten to watch, or react to your posts on social media, but rarely respond to your personal messages. Even when she does, it will be after a long time.

This woman appears to be avoiding any close engagement with you, and she will only lead you on, but will not be available when you reach out.

She feeds you crumbs to keep you interested while she goes about her business, enjoying the attention of other men.

If you are confused about a woman’s intentions and behaviour around you, then maybe she is not into you. Anything apart from a yes is a no.

Watch the video below to find out more mixed signals that women give.



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