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3 reasons why she’s suddenly ignoring you

Have you ever thought you were getting somewhere meaningful with a woman only to be treated with disdain? ‘Wait! what happened here?’ You’re left scratching your head because you actually believed that you were close to scoring major points.  Question is, Is she just being difficult or is there something you may have missed?

Well, below i’ve outlined some of the reasons why she may be ignoring you, and making things difficult:

1. She is tired of waiting for you to make the first move

You may have started chatting regularly, and she is beginning to become fond of you. At this point, you’ve done everything but propose to her to become your girlfriend. However, you may be remaining tight lipped because you simply do not know how to ask her out.

To protect herself, she will reduce the frequency of her responses to you going forward. This is simply to drive the message home that, she is unhappy with the awkward position you have put her in, after she has been patient with you.

Once she realizes that you will not pop that question and make her your girlfriend, she will channel her energy elsewhere.

2. You are giving her mixed signals

No woman likes being in position where you begin to pull away after she starts flirting with you.

I mean, imagine this.

You really like someone; they start flirting with you, and then go mellow as soon as they flirt back.

Women hate it when you are not forthcoming. At that point she may even feel you were only trying to test her. Either that, or you maybe afraid to commit.

Ultimately, she may even start thinking that she read you wrong, the love is unrequited and so she will have no option than to move on.

3. She is not into you

A woman who is not into you will distance herself whenever you try to draw closer. she will do this to send a message that she only sees you as a friend, and nothing more. You don’t have to explicitly tell her that you like her, but as soon as you come on too strong, you put her off.

She may not be vocal about it, because she does not want to hurt your feelings. But, she will create some distance, hoping that you will get the cue. Such women are careful not to  give you the wrong signals.

Find out more about why she is ignoring you, and what you can do about that in the video below:



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