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Why women play hard to get and what to do about it

Women can be complicated creatures but I guess, not so complicated if you’re able to decipher the girl code for what it is. Why women play hard to get? I have a few theories stemming from conversations with lots of women. You see, who better to give you insights that a woman herself and her group of friends who have ‘lived these things’, first hand?

Now if you’re a guy, you’re reading this very blog because you’re seriously looking for love and yet you can’t seem to figure out the woman that you’re with. Here are a few pointers for you.

They want to be sure of your intentions

Believe it or not, women typically get a lot of attention from men. It can get difficult for the average woman to make a choice because the suitors can be many.  Over the years, a lot of men have also gotten better at theirs attempts to woo their love interest, this inadvertently accounts for her apparent confusion. Plus, there’s a whole crop of women who have been played many times before and so would not want to be fooled twice.

So for a man to truly capture her heart and attention it would  mean that you need to perhaps go the extra mile and  be a little more open with your intentions while you follow through your words with concrete action.


Some women just love the chase

There are some women who simply love to be chased and love the attention that comes with playing hard to get. It’s like a game of cat and mouse for them. It makes her feel wanted… even superior because if she gives in first day you’ll consider her an easy target.

If you want to know more about this… Watch the full YouTube video below.



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