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Ghana’s biggest YouTuber Wode Maya exposes Ghanaian Celebrities

Wode Maya The Full-Time Youtuber

Ghana’s Biggest YouTuber has exposed Ghanaian Celebrities for who they really are. Wode Maya is a Ghanaian YouTuber who has earned major success when it comes to Vlogging for a living in Ghana. The young social media influencer is not from a wealthy background but had vowed to improve the lives of everyone around him by telling the African Story. Wode Maya had to perform odd jobs to make ends meet very early on in his life however, fate seems to be smiling on him now as he now earns about $40,000 a month posting videos on YouTube.

Wode Maya first joined YouTube on the 10th of January, 2013. The Vlogger soon gained an international audience and attention when he started documenting his life as a Black man living in China.  He decided to move back to Ghana from Asia however, and quit his dream of becoming an Aeronautical Engineer much to the disapproval of his mother. He however soon proved her wrong as his channel grew in leaps and bounds to become the number one YouTube Channel in Ghana.


Ghanaian YouTuber Wode Maya



Wode Maya meets Jessica Opare – Saforo.

In a recent interview with Ghanaian Broadcaster and YouTuber Jessica Opare – Saforo, Wode Maya shared the story about his success on Youtube and how he managed to stay on top of his Game. He also touched on his decision to create the kind of content that he does and why it’s so important. His tell-it-like-it-is self, came to the fore when he took a swipe at Ghanaian Celebrities and how fake their lives really are, exposing some behind the scene truths that many fans overlook.


Wode Maya Meets Jessica Opare - Saforo
Jessica meets Wode Maya

Watch the full interview here;


Jessica Interviews Wode Maya

Or listen to the the full interview on the Sunshine Girl Podcast here:

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