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i took the covid vaccine

I took the Covid Vaccine, then this happened

Why i was given the Vaccine

The jury is out there about whether the covid Vaccine should be taken or not. I however took the decision to get vaccinated irrespective of varied public opinion.

So Ghana took delivery of 600,000 doses of the  Astrazeneca vaccines and the first batch of vaccines that came were for Health workers, The Elderly, Executive, Legislature, Judiciary, High school Teachers & Students and The Media.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about me, I’ve been a broadcaster for 21 years. I work with Citi FM & Citi TV in Ghana, therefore, i fall under the eligible category.

What was the vaccination experience like?

So my colleagues and I were asked to go to the Accra Press Centre on Tuesday 2nd March 2021, do get our jabs. We were there by 9am as we wanted to avoid long queues. Upon arrival however, there were a significant number of media personnel already waiting, so we wrote our names down and waited for our turn.

Truth is, it was a totally disorganised  venture as we quickly realised that the “list’ was not being followed and many ‘prominent’ people were being made to jump the queue ahead of us. To summarize a 5 hour long wait before i could get vaccinated, it finally happened and l left for work. Nothing prepared me for what happened next.


covid vaccine


Did I experience Side Effects?

As i put together this post, It’s been 4 days since i took the Covid 19 Astrazeneca Vaccine and i’ve experienced multiple side effects. I share my experience in this video along with a shocking Covid 19 side effect I simply did not anticipate.

For details about my experience, watch this!! Click on the link!





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