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Little about myself »

YouTuber. Voice Over Artiste. Relationship Coach. Biker Girl.

Hi! I’m Jessica...

Jessica Opare-Saforo  is a Ghanaian media personality, TV and radio broadcaster and entrepreneur. Also, she was the pioneer of Ghana's first weight loss reality TV Show,  Transformation with Jess.

She is the owner of The Voice Ova Company, a business that specializes in producing professional radio and television ads and managing voice talent.

Jessica started working as a radio presenter in 2000 at Vibe FM and then in 2004 moved to Choice FM.

She later moved to Citi FM in 2005 where she worked for 17 years and hosted prime time shows like Traffic Avenue (a late afternoon drive time show) , Brunch in The Citi  (a mid-morning radio show), Sex in the Citi (a late night sex education program), Sister-Sister (an all women relationship talk show)and the Upside Down Radio Show (Ghana's wittiest prank show).

As part of her repertoire, She used to be the co-host of Celebrity Fanzone on GH One TV.

She also hosted Miss Malaika Ghana and Stars of the Future for several years. She worked as the Programmes Manager of Citi 97.3 FM and Citi TV, two of Ghana's most influential channels.

With over 22 years of experience in the Ghanaian media space, Jessica currently runs her own media company and Youtube channels, with the core focus on relationships and life coaching.

More About Me...


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