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These women will cheat on you

What makes people cheat? Do they cheat just because they can, do they cheat because they’re out of love with their partner, or what?

These are the women who will cheat.

1. The materialistic woman.

Such women are quite a lot in the system. They barely or hardly work for the stuff that they want and have hardly worked for the stuff that they own, and they have this insatiable appetite to just get the finer things in life, no matter what, and they don’t care who they hurt in the process.

These women are highly driven by material things and all that another person has to do is to pretty much flash money before their eyes or flash that kind of item that they are looking for before their eyes and that’s pretty much all it takes for them to cheat. And so they may not necessarily be satisfied with you, with what you give, and especially if you are not in a position to give.

And so you want to, by all means, avoid women who tend to come across as materialistic. Such women have very low loyalty, and may end up in another man’s bed, if you’re unable to meet their materialistic needs. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

2. The woman who just won’t stop going on dating sites, long after you and her have begun dating.

Why do I say this?

If a woman finds you, as a partner or wife or maybe someone who they are even prospecting, could this be the guy? A lot of women who are worth anything will actually stop looking, really stop looking for other partners out there. And so, if you have a girl who, let’s say, is still on Tinder, even after she met you on Tinder, and you guys hooked up, and you’ve started dating, and you have a serious relationship, and she’s still maintaining her Tinder account, perhaps you should find out why.

Ask her if she’s still looking for another man, and if you’re not man enough for her. And insist that she gets off the app.

Now, by no means am I saying that every single woman who still has a dating app or visits dating websites, even after they met you, are definitely going to cheat, but I’m just saying that what is the point of still opening yourself up to all sorts of attention, if you have found the man that you want to be with.

You catch my drift?

The propensity for women to cheat, in my opinion is higher, just because if she fails to remove herself, or make her DM too accessible to strangers, then you should know that she’s still open, she’s still looking, and you might not be the one.

You might have placed her on a pedestal that’s a little too high for her at the moment.

I’m not saying go snooping on her phone, but you definitely need to open that conversation and see where her mind is at when it comes to things like that.

Do you want to know about this type of woman? Just watch the video below:



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