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Dump her if she plays these games

People play games all the time and have different motivations. Unfortunately, other people get caught up in an elaborate web of love that only ends in heartbreak. Some women tend to go overboard with their playful gimmicks and end up hurting a lot of people. Listen, whatever your situation may be, if your girl plays these games, WALK!   She’s definitely not worth your love.

1. There are unexplained times that she is unavailable

Are there moments when your woman drops off the radar, and becomes totally unreachable. I’m not referencing those random times when she may be out and about, with her battery dying or dead.

The woman I am describing has a habit of regularly disappearing without notice. The key word here is HABIT. Don’t tell me you believe all the coincidences where she so happens to only have a dead battery on Saturdays at 9pm.

If you are dating such a woman, and she cannot give you a plausible reason, then you should know that there is some other guy who is a priority. She would rather spend her time with Mr. Anonymous than with you.

There is a reason why she won’t even bother telling you anything before her disappearing act. If you’re daring enough to probe further, you may not like what you hear.

A woman like that definitely does not deserve your time. Save yourself some trouble, dump her and move on.


2. She has saved your phone number with an alias

Listen, if this alias isn’t a name you’re familiar with, there could be ulterior motives. The least she could do is inform you of what she’s stored your name as.

You see, sometimes women who have something to hide or at worst, another man in their lives, may never be able to save your real name. Perhaps your name has even come up in conversations with the other guy and

he’s told her not to call or interact with you. Be guided and observant. The next time you’re with her, catch her by surprise, and call her phone. Please don’t be heartbroken if and when you find out she’s stored your

name as  ‘Carpenter’, or even ‘Plumber’. Just know it may be time to throw in the towel.


3. You only see her when she wants you to

Have you and your woman started playing hide and seek, except that you were unaware that you were in such a game from the start?

This is one of the biggest red flags. She is only available when she wants something from you. If you attempt to set up a date, or try to see her, it will never happen. She will mainly

give you one excuse after the next.

She wants everything to be on her schedule, and if you show up when she doesn’t expect you to, you might not like what you see.

If the woman you are seeing is never willing to sacrifice to make time for you and your relationship, dump her.

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  • Dennis Attricki Amewuga Kwabena

    Well noted. Now how about when you maybe had an argument and then she picks up her phone and you realize either she texts someone to call her back or either and then she tries to be happy with the guy on the line and asks him to come take her out so the have fun or spend some time together. What does it mean and is it right for her to do that?

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