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Do these to get a girl who is out of your league

What does it really mean to date a woman, or to want a woman who is out of your league?

Let me share a fairly typical scenario. A lot of people see a man who is not conventionally good-looking, dating a super gorgeous woman. The next question they ask is, “How did he get this woman? How the hell did that happen? She is way out of his league.”

Why do these people say this? It’s usually  because they know or feel he is not physically attractive enough or doesn’t have a lot of money, amongst other things. Whatever your definition of attractive is, you’re almost immediately able to explain why you think this man should not be dating or be married to the woman.

Do you find yourself in a situation where your heart yearns for the kind of woman that you know is out of your league? Is your mind telling you to move on from her and go for the one who would be easier to get?

Well, i still think despite your circumstances, It is possible to date almost any woman you want regardless of the amount of attention she gets from men, or how keen the competition is, or whatever the reason may be that puts her out of your league.

Here are some things to do:

1. Improve yourself

Improve every aspect of your life – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Once you begin to feel intimidated by a woman, be it her looks, or her achievements, know that you can work on changing your circumstances. If you feel like she is more intelligent than you are, go back to school and improve on yourself. If you feel that she is very good-looking, work on the way you look, and smell.

Tweak things about yourself so you increase the proclivity of getting this woman.

2. Have fun in the friend zone

For a lot of women, who get lots of attention from men, things can get really tiring, because they get hit on my men on a daily. These women usually have a really short fuse and may feel like every other man’s intention is to win her attention and her heart.

Approach this kind of woman with a different tactic – enjoy the time in the friend zone. Be comfortable, get to know her, hang out with her.

I have found that a lot of men who end up being friends, sometimes, win the girl’s heart, because with time, the women begin to see them for who they are. These women begin to notice many more things they bring to the table, instead of just looks. The friend zone, is actually an excellent place to start.

Get to know of more things to do to win a girl who is out of your league in the video below:



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