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What are the signs that your partner sees you as an option

Have you ever had a sinking feeling in your stomach that you are unimportant to the person you are in a relationship with? Have you ever felt like you don’t matter, and the other person always comes first, where your relationship is concerned? Then you might be the partner who’s being treated as an option in this relationship.

Here are some signs to take note of:

  1. She rarely initiates anything

Do you find yourself in a rut, in a relationship where your partner never suggests anything, and never initiates anything when it comes to love, intimacy, hanging out, and making life decisions?

Whenever you suggest anything, it feels like you are talking to a brick wall.

There are too many people who are stuck in relationships where their partners do not want to contribute anything, or give of themselves. These people console themselves with the misconception that it’s just how these partners are and that everything is still okay.

Sorry, but this could actually be a sign that your partner is not ready to commit to you, and that you are just an option.

What is the way out of such a situation?

Don’t let yourself be used. Encourage your partner to contribute, and to really share how they feel about things, and encourage them to be active participants in the relationship, instead of being passive contributors.

Have a talk! Sit down with your partner, and let them know how you truly feel about the way they are being treated, and how alone you feel in the relationship.


  1. Ignoring friends and family

One of the biggest signs that your partner is just treating you as just an option is when they are not keen on introducing you to the people that matter in their lives, in this case, friends and family.

Take a look at your relationship. Are you the one who always takes your partner home, and introduces them to your family and your friends? Have you even met anyone from her family, or even any of her friends? Are you a stranger in all this?

If you find yourself in such a situation, it could mean that she is not sure about you, and may not even say yes, if you should propose to her.

If your partner cannot introduce you to her family, that’s a sign for you to sit up.

Don’t proceed blindly. Be very observant in all things that  go on around you, so you don’t get blindsided by a request for a breakup in the future. If she is not interested in you enough to introduce you to her family, that’s a big red flag.

Find out more signs that she sees you as an option in the video below:




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