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How to get your ex to miss you and regret losing you

Human relationships are not easy. There are times when people have actually told themselves that relationships are not their thing, and would rather stay single.

Just think about the processes and the hoops you will go through to nurture and grow a relationship or friendship, only for it to break down because of one reason or another. It is always difficult for the parties involved.

Normally, in a breakup, there is at least one party that wishes that things did not have to end. Of course, there are couples who end things at a point where both parties agree that the best decision is to go their separate ways, but those are usually in the minority.

For those who don’t want things to end, the biggest headache is what things they should do to make sure their exes miss them. Here are some things that you could do to get them to miss you:

  1. Disconnect completely

It may sound counter-intuitive to do this, but when you are trying to get that former partner to miss you, one of the surest ways is to disconnect and stay away.

We all have heard of the saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Being in their face all the time will only make them angrier.

Also, if you just broke up, it is likely that your ex is still angry, or still has the cause of the breakup fresh in their mind.

As much as possible, get yourself out of her circles. Stop going to the places you both used to frequent.

Give her and yourself time to heal, so you can have the chance to come back and create something meaningful.

Even on social media, it is a good idea to mute or unfriend her, so she doesn’t see your posts.

  1. Be the best version of yourself

The best form of revenge is success. Starting with the things your ex used to complain about, work on making sure you are a better version of who you used to be.

Maybe it was that  you put on weight, you are being insensitive, or not giving them enough attention. That’s always a good place to start. Work on yourself, improve on yourself and grow. All of us can be better versions of ourselves; you need to read a lot more, and change your circles if you have to, and you will be surprised how much of a better person will could turn out to be.

  1. Get a new look

Do you want to grow a full beard, do you want to take the beard off, do you want to braid your hair, or grow an afro? Or do you want to change your wardrobe?

These things make you feel a lot better about yourself, and will help take your mind off your ex. It will also give you the time needed to re-assess and re-prioritise to see if the relationship was worth it. If you think it was, this puts you in a better position to return with something better.

  1. Be happy

Don’t fake the happiness. Whenever people who are not happy fake it, it is easy to tell.

Go back to the things that you used to do alone or with your friends that brought you joy. Find ways to genuinely invite positivity, love and light into your life. When these things become entrenched in you, you begin to radiate and everyone around you will feel that too.

Be happy, disconnect from everything that brings negativity into your life, and begin to speak positive things into your life. Once you are in this position, you will be able to look at your ex and not resent her, or have any negative feelings towards her. You will be able to approach her from a place of love.

For more tips on how to get your ex to miss you, Watch the video below.



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