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What things about men do women really like?

Ever wondered what women really like about you? What can you do to improve the kind of person you are, so women can find you attractive and want to be around you all the time?

There are certain things that women really like about men, and that’s just what this article is put together to tell you.

1. Men who wear long sleeve shirts and roll up their sleeves

I am yet to meet a woman who does not like the look of a man who rolls up the sleeves of his long-sleeve shirt. There may be some out there who do not, but I am yet to meet them.

This look tells the woman that you are hard-working, and can go corporate if you have to, while also ready to have the smart casual look.

Rolling up the sleeves means you are ready to assist anyone who needs any kind of help.

Plus, rolling up your sleeves, shows your forearms, and if you have nicely toned arms, it’s a plus, as this is something that women notice.

2. A baritone voice

There is nothing women like more than lying in bed at night, speaking to that man, and hearing that deep, sexy voice. It makes them just want to cuddle up to him.

When, in that baritone voice, you go, “Hey babe, you want to go out tonight?”, all she wants to do is jump and shout, “YES”.

There is something about men with deep voices that gives them an extra sex appeal. Such Men command attention wherever they go. To all the men who don’t have deep voices however,

don’t lose sleep just yet, as that is just one of the things that women like about men.

3. Generous and selfless men

A selfless man is the one who is willing to think less about himself, and more about others.

Being generous and selfless goes both ways, and is an attribute that draws people to any human being who does that. If you are generous, people know that whenever they are in need, they can get some help from you.

It’s great to be blessed, but it’s even greater to be a blessing to people.

This is not to say that whenever you receive your monthly pay check, go spread the money in the streets. The important thing is that you know when to be generous and offer selfless acts.

You don’t have to be generous with your money only; it can be your time, or your knowledge.

Do you want to know more things about men that women like? Watch the video below:



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