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Don’t marry her until you’ve had these money conversations

When it comes to love, many people are on a constant quest to find the right person. The right person for you is kind and attractive, shares just enough of your interests, gets along with your friends and family, makes you feel special.

This usually goes a long way, but when it’s time to make the decision to choose to potentially spend your life with someone, there is one crucial component that many people ignore or overlook – money.

Money is known to be one of the leading causes of stress and strife in relationships, but many couples tend to avoid money conversations.

Your reason for avoiding this critical conversation could be because you are insecure about your own financial situation, and may have some questions that you want to avoid answering, but there is a bigger risk of problems if you continue to push it away.

Love is very important in your relationship, but all the love in the world, without the money to support the couple will render things shaky. Even the most unbreakable relationship will be under stress if there is no money to support you.

Here are two money conversations that you should have with your partner if your relationship will thrive.

1. “This is what my money looks like”

You may feel like the conversation on what your financial situation, and that of your partner looks like, should be shelved for later, maybe because there is some mistrust, or you have not been dating for long. However, if you want your relationship to get to the next level, and you are really serious about her, you must have this conversation.


Because straight away, she knows exactly what to expect from you – she knows your limitations, and it will cut out a lot of the stressful moments that may arise later, when she makes some ridiculous demands of you, and you know in your heart of hearts that you do not have the financial muscle to meet them. At that point, the strain on your relationship will be massive.

If you don’t have this financial conversation, it could be very difficult to plan your financial future, and you must know how important the financial plan is to your success, and that of your relationship.

Having this kind of conversation doesn’t mean you will swap ATM pins, or straight away set up a joint account. It, rather, helps you to draw the real picture of where you stand as a couple in your finances.

Have this conversation before you tie the knot, and make things official.

2. “What are our money goals?”

This is where both of you need to go in depth about what your personal financial goals are, how you intend to spend your money, and what you want to do.

It is important to do this, because at some point, you will surely learn about your partner, and their spending habits. Remember that if they have bad spending habits, you will definitely be affected, when you have been saving for something, and the next thing you know, your partner has dipped into that kitty and left you with nothing. Have those conversations, they are very important.

Whatever your financial goals may be, if you have this conversation early, and you meet your goals quicker, everyone will be happy. Even if your financial goals are not perfectly aligned, it is okay. Having a conversation will give you both the chance to know where you stand, and begin to find ways to work yourselves into each other’s financial plan, and towards the bigger master plan.

Get to know more money conversations to have with your partner if you want your relationship to thrive in the video below:



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