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This is why you shouldn’t give the woman you date money

Talk to a lot of men, and they will tell you that all women want is money. So they have cultivated a habit of just giving the women they date money, all the time.

It might seem like a simple trade-off where, men begin to use money to control their relationships.  However, I believe that if you really care about the woman that you date, money should be the last thing that you dole out to her on a regular.

Here are some reasons why money is the worst thing that you can give the woman that you date.

1. She will never stop expecting.

If you are the kind of guy who is constantly doling out money to your girlfriend, like you don’t even work for it, you will put her in a state where she will constantly expect you to always come to her rescue.

No matter how small the issue will be, she will expect that you will give her money to cover it. If she has to buy fuel, she will ask you if she has to get a new phone, she will expect that you give her money.

She will continue doing this because she has come to expect that you will be her provider every step of the way.

It won’t matter whether you are in a state of want, or not.

1. She will leave you when the well dries out

When you hit a dry patch and can’t sustain your flow of cash, she will leave you to find the next waterfall.

This woman has got so used to you providing all her needs, when it comes to money, that should you lose your job, or be unable to get it for her, she will be desperate to find the next person who can get her all those things.

Giving out money in this way to her is actually damaging your relationship, because money can never be the solution to everything.

Money is great, but  if you make it the go-to for everything in your relationship,  things will get worse when you cannot provide it any more.

My suggestion for getting out of this situation is to give her money sometimes if you must, but not all the time.

Find out more reasons why you should not give the money to the woman you date in the video below:



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  • Lady Mascheria

    Hi. I love your videos on youtube I am the same what on different subject on this thing call love. Women have to learn to now that they are enough as well as the men. I listen to one of the video about these so call saying. I if I can not have you know one can and all this foolishness. I have been in relationships where I thank God that I have moved on. We need more teaching like this for our young black sisters. They must learn not to be to quick to give a man their heart let him earn it.

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