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5 Reasons you should never ask your partner if they love you


A tricky one here but hear me out.

There are so many people walking around looking for love and validation. Even though that is not necessarily a bad thing, it becomes an issue if all you do is seek out words of affirmation from your partner multiple times a day. Let me give you 5 reasons why you should never ask your partner if they love you.


1. Nothing screams insecurity louder

Your partner chose you over everybody else and up until this point, they have tried their very best to keep you happy. Your insecurity is however beginning to shine through with your incessant need for affirmation from them. Don’t get me wrong, asking once a while is necessary but there’s a very thin line between being in love and becoming obsessed. Insecurity is ugly and can be a factor that will finally push your relationship over a cliff.

If you want to find out the other 4 reasons why you should never ask, Watch the full video below.


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