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Women cheat when these 3 things happen

Being cheated on is always a painful experience and sometimes can raise more questions than answers. This Article seeks to answer some of the questions you may have about the factors that push women to cheat. To be frank, a lot of women cheat when these 3 things happen.

Before i get into that though, many men have asked me. Can a woman cheat and still be in love with you? My answer is always ‘yes’ and ‘no’. I’ll explain. 


I believe that, It really boils down to what your own definition of love is. Remember, they are different kinds of love in relationships. Four major types. To briefly highlight them:

  1. Eros: The love, that’s passionate and erotic. This kind of love is addictive. It can cause great joy and great sorrow. And it isn’t always good for you.
  2. Philia: Love of friends and equals. This kind of love can also be the love between lovers when they’ve been together for a long time and are not so hot and bothered anymore.
  3. Storge: Love of parents for children. And this love is described as the most natural form of love. Parents who feel this love, usually cannot help themselves and usually pay the least attention to whether the person is worthy of the love.
  4.  Agape love: Love of mankind. This kind of love is modeled on the love of the Christian God for men, and the love of men forgot. It’s the love that it’s given whether or not it’s returned. It’s the love without any self benefit.

So, as you can see, it is completely possible for her to still love you. Just not in the way you would expect. Her love may lack the romantic love component. Yes, while you would expect Eros as part of the package she might be giving you Philia. I’ll leave the rest of your imagination.

So women tend to cheat  when these three things happen; 

  1. They desire sexual variety. 

Sometimes, the reasons women cheat are sexually motivated. If you thought  it was just a man thing, you thought wrong. 

Some women cheat for sexual variety too, however, there’s always a little catch. Most women who find themselves in this situation, believe that their sexual and emotional needs are not being met in their current relationship. What tends to happen then is, women outsource the sexual pleasure in their relationships in an effort to remain or preserve their primary partnerships. In simple English, if a woman was in a relationship in which she was unhappy and emotionally starved, she will seek the emotional attention that she lacks from a third-party. Once she continues to receive the emotional gratification she’s looking for, she can remain in her loveless relationship or marriage, for as long as it takes , without having to forfeit her current relationship and break up her family or her partners heart. In the long run however, (usually for years and even decades) if they continue to go without the sexual needs being met by the primary partner, they will have to break up and or seek divorce in order for them to find happiness elsewhere.


2.When she Lacks or loses love for her primary partner. 

One of the main reasons women in this category cheat is to blow up a relationship that makes them feel trapped in some way. Often they may find themselves with a partner who seems like a nice person, but is controlling, stifling or emotionally unavailable. The woman tries to make changes, to get their partner to seek professional help, or push their partner to meet them more emotionally, but when the woman doesn’t succeed in these attempts, she loses love, respect and affection for him over time and begins to seek it elsewhere.

The unconscious narrative you’ll hear from women in this particular instance is often, ‘He’s a nice guy, but I’m miserable’. So, they act out to end the relationship. When it gets to such a point in time, leaving her will hurt you more than it hurts her because she’s already disconnected emotionally.

Many women leave their partners emotionally long before they physically walk out on them. Many women begin cheating, emotionally long before it becomes physical. If you keep these last two comments in mind, a lot of female behaviors when it comes to Fidelity will become more apparent. If you keep these last two comments in mind, a lot of female behaviors when it comes to Fidelity will become more apparent. Studies reveal that women are much more likely than men to initiate break ups, and are happier after break ups than men.


  1. Situational factors.

Women who struggle with guilt over leaving a partner, don’t feel their own happiness is enough justification to reach a point in their relationship where they can leave. At this point in time, she will, as a solution, find solace in cheating.

“For these women, cheating can feel like a way to ‘keep their options open’ and ensure that they’re not hurt or abandoned. They need to feel safe and secure, and if this is threatened — if they fight with partner, for example — they can sometimes overcompensate and seek validation and attention elsewhere. 

To put it mildly, every time you fight, or have a misunderstanding with such a woman, you may be pushing her into another man’s arms. And she’ll eventually use the 3rd party to transition out of a relationship with you. Every negative experience will draw her further and further away from you. Overtime, she will walk away and find a partner who better suits her and her purposes. Every negative experience will draw her further and further away from you. Overtime, she will walk away and find a partner who better suits her and her purposes


Since you’re still reading, let me take this opportunity to highlight some of the warning signs of cheating.


  1. Being very protective or secretive with her phone. If her phone is always locked and never leaves her sight, even when she’s in the shower.” RED FLAG. Especially if this behavior is new and inconsistent with what she is known for.
  2. Unexplained moments in time or days of the week that she’s simply unavailable. No matter how hard you try to reach her, you will be unable to, and when she comes up for air, she will not be able to give you tenable reasons for her disappearance.
  3. Increased interest in appearance. Suddenly, more time and effort seems to be going into the way she looks and presents itself.
  4. Change in attitude. Her behavior seems to have completely changed from what you knew her to be.
  5. Deceit. When’s she seems to be finding every reason to lie to you even when it’s not such a big deal.
  6. Changes in communication. You guys used to talk on a regular but now you literally have to beg for her time.


Final thoughts

Women are less likely than men to have an affair that “just happens” because they tend to think longer and harder about the situation. Some women take time “to warm up to it,” .”Going in and leaving quickly isn’t their thing. Men can walk away more easily because their emotions are just different.

When you start to see signs that question the woman you’re with Fidelity, you need to think about the possibility of cheating happening. Although none of the items I’ve talked about are cast in stone, these are just touchdown to serve as a guide should you find yourself in such a situation. Take note however, that every relationship is unique, and every woman is different. Pay close attention all time and listen to your gut instinct as it’s hardly ever wrong. I wish you the best of luck in your relationship, going forward.

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