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Here are some texting secrets that no woman can resist

For men who have already struck an acquaintance with a woman, or to some extent, those whose choice of women are complete strangers, these texting tips are for you. However, take note that if she is a stranger, the following tips may not work as effectively.

Many young men have the experience of being ignored or having their text messages left on read for days. For some moderately lucky ones, they get responses, but these responses are monosyllabic, closed off and don’t encourage further conversation.

The big question that many young men ask is, “How do I get the woman to respond to my messages quickly? What do I do to avoid being ghosted?”

Here are some texting secrets that no woman can resist:

1. Text her messages that arouse her curiosity.

Curiosity is a normal thing that every human being experiences. Being able to elicit a curious reaction from a woman, whose attention you’re trying to win over, is the Holy Grail.

A curious woman will always have that feeling of wanting to know more. It is important, however, to note that once you get to this point, you must find ingenious ways to keep the conversation going, or it will just die off as quickly as it started.

For instance, you can pique her curiosity by texting her that you had a very interesting dream about her. I am not encouraging you to lie, but even if you’re doing that, just make sure you don’t get creepy with the things you say.

Get creative with your dream, and use that as a springboard to engage her in further conversation.

2. Text that creates anticipation.

You need to figure out the best way to get the woman to anticipate something that’s about to go down.

For example, you can say, “I know your birthday is coming up in a month, I have this great idea that I think you should hear.” Or you can simply send a message like, “Hey, I was walking in the mall the other day and something reminded me of you, and so I got it for you, and I was wondering when you’d be available, so I could present my gift.”.

The next message that will come through is, “Oh, thank you, you got me a gift? Wow. What is it?”

This is the point where you can engage her in a longer conversation. Depending on how exciting your message actually was, few women can resist the urge to engage further.

Think, be creative, and find interesting ways to create anticipation with the text messages that you send.

Do you want to know more of these secrets? Watch the video below:



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