Why i kicked out my Tenant and put my property up for sale

i kicked my tenant out

The Landlord Nightmare in Ghana

Anyone who has ever rented out a property to a tenant¬† in Ghana has a story or two to share. For many, the story isn’t a pleasant one and can only be described as a nightmare. The reality hits home when you begin to notice that many Ghanaians aren’t straightforward people.

They are quite a fan of making empty promises and can be really difficult to deal with when going into any business transaction with them. At first sight, they seem sincere because they are actually very polite people but once you shake hands and turn your back, that sadly might be the end of the story.


The Most Welcoming People on the Planet

Ghanaians are the most welcoming people on the planet and the jury is out there on whether they are just welcoming in hopes of what they can get from you, or if it’s really engraved in their DNA but i digress. Before the keyboard warriors come after me, let me say that,¬† this post does not seek to make Ghanaians look bad, but just to highlight a real estate problem no one wants to talk about.

Since posting the video below, it has been received with mixed feelings, especially from fellow tenants who feel ‘slighted’ by the words ‘Kicked out’. All i can say is, remember my story when and if ever your sweat and blood goes into putting up a property and someone tries to take you for a fool.

For the full story, Watch this video!





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  1. Maxwell Dugan

    Jessica am sure you know by now that Ghanaians are used to sugar coated words. The truth is the truth and nothing more. We can’t remain same and expect change. You rock!

  2. Theresa

    It’s not easy my friend,

    Am also renting out my property and what you’re talking about it’s just same here in Dodowa
    Sometimes I ask myself if tenant go to meetings and plans how to approach landlords.

    May God give you heart to endure

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