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  • Release Date  07/07/2013
  • Label An Introduction
  • Catalog Number 588465HJGFD

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Transformation with Jess

Daily Dose of Workout Inspiration

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The Voice Ova Company

The Voice Ova Company will provide a full service voice over production of your Documentary, Radio or TV Advert. Our Professional Team of copy writers creates the copy and we find the appropriate vocal talent for your Job.

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There’s something about people who are resilient. They rarely fail. Imagine an opponent who just won’t stay down after you’ve given them a good beating. I can imagine how frustrating it would be because they prevent you ‘from being great’. Let’s think about it for a second here.

Just when you are about to celebrate your victory you see them rising up again.

Imagine just how long you would have to fight them and how exhausting it would be. Who knows? Eventually you may even slip up and they may clinch the victory instead.

Dear reader, in life you’ve got to develop a spirit of resilience. I always tell my best friend that you only fail when you stop trying… and it is so true. Imagine her excitement when she finally succeeded in something she had tried to do so desperately for 5 years!!

The process will be painful. The journey?… torturous! You shouldn’t stop though. Bounce back each time. Show up everyday! Be on time and above all learn. Everyday is an opportunity to do so. The universe is trying to teach you something. Are you paying attention?

Be great. Be authentically You!
Love always,





Sand tickling our toes as we stroll… wind flirting with our ears… distant cheers…
Telling us to love … throw caution to the wind and just…. love.

My mind screams… haunted by vivid dreams

My heart is drawn in… drinking from the river of original sin…

I know better… but I remain… smitten.

The smile draws me in… I’ll admit… I’m intoxicated.

The deformity on your cheek… perhaps I shouldve waited see it all come together … beautifully

You have that face that shines
You have that soul that binds
You have that lip that beckons me to sip…
Slowly… gently… to savour the moment…

To hear words unspoken

To drink from your aura…
To be totally consumed
Very few things in this world inspired me

Yet here i am baring my soul…
Pleading that you take me captive.

never put pen to paper unless I need to get… active

Or maybe just interactive…
With your body… your soul…

Come baby…. let’s play… the role..

You could be my saviour …
I’ll just be your Slave…

No no… my spirit is yours to save…
I dunno where this is heading but…. I’m consumed…. I’m confused…. or maybe I’m just a fool

I wake up…. sigh ….I’m Back to reality!!!

Double fucking standards!!!


I’m mad!
I’m so fucking mad and disappointed that the world is the way it is. I’m mad that humans pretend so fucking much.
I’m mad that we can’t keep secrets. I’m mad that we are all just wallowing in pitiful pretense, that daily, hearts get broken and innocent people become victims of other people’s warped experiences and myopic world view.

I’m mad that these pretenders are found in the brothels and the synagogues the kindergartens and the corporate offices… in front of and behind the scenes.

I’m mad that when the day ends and an new dawn breaks, we wear our masks and once again go out into the world to fool no one but ourselves.

This is bullshit.

I’m fucking mad!