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  • Release Date  07/07/2013
  • Label An Introduction
  • Catalog Number 588465HJGFD

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Transformation with Jess

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The Voice Ova Company

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Being misunderstood – A salty place to be

I’ve been through all sorts of emotions. Those that centre on being downright euphoric to chronic depression.Yes! i’ve had my moments but I do realise now that of all the things i feel in this vast spectrum, the one thing i hate most is being misunderstood.

You know that feeling where people or someone you really care about just totally got you wrong on a subject and took a decision that could change both your lives? The way i see it, it’s the worst place to be. No matter how you shout about it, kick against a stone, bang your head on a wall or punch a solid wall, they simply won’t see things your way. They approach the situation with a biased and often warped sense of view and just won’t compromise on thier stance.It’s simply devastating to me. How do i handle it? i’m not sure because everytime i’ve been faced with such a situation i have dealt with it differently. I only start screaming about in my head when this person is close family, a loved one or occassionally a colleague.

I don’t care much for strangers or ‘observers’ because to me, they don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. I’d just shrug things off and keep it moving. You (Mr. Stranger) dont mean much to me anyway. I don’t spend my time, thoughts and energies on people and things that are of no intrinsic value to me.

So how do i deal with being misunderstood? I would in the short term give one last shot at explaining myself. If i am met with contempt i would literally just let it be. I admit, it’s not a great place to be when your good intentions (mostly) have been totally misconstrued but you can’t do much about trying to change somebody’s opinion of you. People will form their own opinions of you based on the interpretation they give your actions. Sometimes they are right, other times, they are totally wrong. Either way, my take is… KEEP IT MOVING! It certainly won’t be the last time you would go through this. Develop your own fighting mechanisms to deal with situtations that arise in your life.

Just don’t let someone’s opinion of you become an opinion of yourself.

A small price to pay

Oh I’ve had those few moments where I’ve regretted choosing the profession I’m in. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and would choose it over and over again. Only thing is, I never anticipated that it would come along with so much baggage. From afar it looks all glamorous and fun but the truth is, there is a hefty price you pay for the fame. To whoever is reading this, take this from me, I’d be surprised if anyone in the limelight truly had a sense of what they were getting into when they first signed up for it.

Not only do you lose your privacy, you lose your right to fight back. (At least a lot of Ghanaians think so). Often I’ve heard people say, “don’t respond Jessica… you are a celebrity”, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this mentality because the way I see it is… I simply don’t have the time or energy to respond to every hater. If I did, I would.

The critics I really don’t mind too much because they make me better and I’ve learned a good thing or two from them. It’s the downright loser, up-to-no-good dimwit who thinks they should bring everybody down to their own level that I can’t stand.

Yes, those people who think they ‘know you’ because they’ve heard something about you and without any form of verification or any conscience to do so, run with the least bit of bad news they hear about you. They are the worst.  It is they, who I wish I could have a few minutes with. Better yet i hope they do get an opportunity to be thrown into the limelight too so they could have a taste of their own medicine.

You see, people really need to learn to empathize with fellow human beings. We’ve all read stories about one popular person committing suicide etc. and we’re all shocked to hear it. Nobody knows about the internal struggles others go through and it actually won’t take much to be nicer to everyone.


Commit to do it today.




What does it mean to be truly independent?

Often times than not, people are quick to put women they perceive to be independent in a box. A box that has a bottomless hole and one that ‘victims’ are powerless to fight against.

Women are given all types of tags because in the world’s eyes they don’t need a ‘man’. I often find myself asking if anyone can be truly independent because it seems like, being human and being as fragile as we are, we all need to depend on another human being at some point in our lives.

You can’t have kids by yourself, you can’t grow all the foodstuffs you need in your backyard, you can’t work for yourself alone without any assistance (unless of course you never intend to grow your company/ business). I guess all i’m trying to say is, independence is a farce!

No man can be independent. If you ever attain that level of independence you would be akin to God.


Women who are ambitious and who excel in their crafts need to be cut some slack and not made to apologize for their strengths and successes. It is sexist and demeaning to expect women to be second class citizens all the time.

To be continued…